About Us

Welcome to LOL!  I am so glad you found this exciting new store just for tweens and teens!

As the founder of LOL, I have always loved shopping and picking up unique items for my family and friends.  I am always in search of the coolest and hottest new thing.  I am often asked where I find such items and am told I have an uncanny ability to search out great and exciting items.

When my children were young they could spend hours in a toy store just browsing. Now that they are are a tween and a teenager, they can't seem to find anything much that excites them at toy stores.  They find shopping at a mall boring and frustrating because many stores carry the same types of items or only the odd thing that would interest them.  This is when I came to realize that no store exists that primarily focuses on these groups.  I then decided tweens and teens need a one-stop shop that caters specifically to them and here it is - the birth of LOL.

Now armed with a tween, a teen and a soon-to-be tween as my personal in-house product testers, I search out great products my children and I love and am proud to sell at LOL.

I have turned my passion for finding both fun and practical products for my family into a business where I can share these items with other tweens and teens.  Now you and your tween and/or teen can shop for cool and exciting products in one place.

Please check back often as I continue to find new items.

Thank you for your interest in LOL.

Whitney G.

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